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Ever wake up and say to yourself, “how in the hell did I get here?” Simple answer, you are responsible..

Even in the womb, studies show the environment and gift of what you experience shapes what becomes you. Yes, genetics are passed on and are mostly visual in the likeness of your parents; but, its the not yet obvious that is not known until later in life that is the subject of this awareness note I am sharing with you.

Every bit of what you allow to be pulled into your awareness through your many senses, populates what is commonly referred to as a persons baseline. A baseline that becomes confirmed and strengthened as a person matures through the constant exposure of so many facets of media we now have at our disposal. Each will pick at and reform your personal belief and drives your daily decisions affecting and in many cases, a limiting future of new experiences and perspectives. It is this gift of openness that is lost without even knowing it. Without this understanding each allows divisive information to restructure our baseline ultimately solidifying a wanderers state of future misgivings. A lost child…

Why should this be of any importance? Well, have you ever been on a trip to a place you’ve never been and through the travels fell asleep missing something? Sure and of course you can vicariously experience it through FB, Instagram or the like, but you know it’s not he same… you had to have been there! The experience of life will always be the measured through the degree of how many of a person’s senses are involved. But we all know you can’t always be awake? Can you?

Here’s the thing, Your degree of personal awareness moment to moment is YOU programming and reprogramming your future possibilities. Dreams Hopes and Prayers have no life without Actions; but if your baseline is one of divisive and limiting, your life’s decisions will be too!

Never too late, wake up now and know you are still the Captain of your Ship!!


I’ll be watching YOU!

Every breath you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you.. lyrics of a song by POLICE.. or something like that.

IoE, Internet of everything will soon be as commonplace as every home with a TV.

What is it and why should I be concerned or even care?

Every object we see and use for our pleasure, work and just living will gather specific data and store this information in such a way to be used for market research, optimize system performance and for trends in predictive analysis; in short, be packaged and sold to marketers, political machines and the unscrupulous..

It already has begun. Take a short walk with me here. The moment you wake up you have a specific routine, most everyone sane does, its needed to maintain this elusive state of sanity. As we go about our day we travel or venture off to that place some call work; finish there and head back to our safe place some call home.

Now add some future data collection devices like a smartphone that you cannot do without.. even in the bathroom; a monitor devise on every appliance and room in your home, your car and office. Every move, decision, action you have made that day is collected and stored for later in the cloud for data analysis. By the way, all of your friends, coworkers, neighbors that are equipped will contribute to this data collection efforts and said contribution staked, slice and manipulated in value chunks for the highest bidder.

You do know, there are cities that are using biometrics such as the way someone walks, talks sometimes coupled with facial features to ID that person without their knowing or asking permission.. been going on for sometime now. Granted, there are solid arguments for catching the dubbed terrorist; but at what expense?

Here in the thing, you can watch what is happening, wonder about it or profit from it. Now you do not always need to associate profit with money, you can always just be smart about it and be better prepared like when a structured opportunity arise; me, I like the money aspects! Just saying..

Take a look at the biggest players, Bezos at Amazon, his empire is firmly built upon his algorithms that gather your unique surfing and purchase habits on his site… your database of habits used over and over again; all the while stored and augmented with every click of your mouse.

Your digital footprint on all things made digital through your interactions is BIG business!! Soon the use of your social security number will not be necessary. Soon you will have your own unique digital identifier way more valuable than every before.

Can you just imagine how valuable to marketers to be able to read your mind; yes, in effect that is what it would be. The early coined name for this digitizing of YOU is Consumer Predictive Analysis. In effect using your habits or decisions in your daily life to magically place the exact service, product or idea at the appropriate time to effect a desired decision / result / outcome.

If your privacy is your concern, you have none! Unless you decide soon to be off the grid, grow and raise your own food and harvest your own energy, they already got you!

What I time we all live in, greed has done us in and I feel it will be worst, especially if you do what some people I know, they ignore it’s happening.

Here’s to your digital health!

PS. Remember the old computer age phase, Garbage in so Garbage out!? Maybe it’s time for to create more digital identities or stop with the one you are creating now… Wake up being connected is not for you!!

It’s All about the Bass!

“All About That Bass” is the debut single by American singer and songwriter Meghan Trainor. Released by Epic Records on June 30, 2014, it was recorded for her 2014 debut EP and her 2015 studio album, both named Title. Trainor co-wrote “All About That Bass” with its producer Kevin Kadish; it is a bubblegum pop/doo-wop and retro-R&B song that draws influences from various musical genres including hip hop, country and rock and roll. Lyrically, it discusses positive body image.

Funny how the perception of oneself transcends many other areas of a persons life.. If only we take a moment to experience it..

Personal preference aside, confidence in who you are is always sexy to me! But I digress..

When I first heard this song the similarities in my life challenges became illuminated. You see, we live in a world with a constant bombardment / interruptions via email, texts, mobile calls, etc., how can you really think clearly!!

Bass vs Treble in how I experience new and old heart felt things have prompted a new avenue of thought processing. Bottomline, a life with only treble and no bass will not make you fully happy. Got to engage more of your life’s gifts of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell for a true experience of this life’s journey. Yes, the song is about having a positive body image; but really its about personal overcoming of oneself acceptance of others in one skin.

As I grow older and solidify my deep rooted beliefs in those areas that ground me morally, spiritually and physically, its these songs made popular by the masses that give me solace in the search for ones happiness. If only we take time to absorb its meaning beyond the obvious…

Living Large now has a new perspective! 🙂

Here’s to your day, make it one you fully experience on your terms!!

RAW Thoughts

Memories are Forever


Love and Sharing

Another celebrated day is upon us; age and time seems to move at a faster pace every time I remember those I’ve lost. Either by the attrition of this life tragic moments or by the lost of contact; I often yearn for those wonderful times shared by each of those personal special people. You know of those too. We all have them, illuminated and brought to life just by remembering…

My challenge to you this holiday season it to do just that. Take a moment to give life to those you somehow have lost. Doing so will give you a brighter day, quicker step, a cheerful and better attitude. I heard someone say, ‘the richness of this life is riddled with the happy experiences of others.’

Sure you can decide to remember those specific bad moments in those you had the privilege to meet; but, how does that serve you? Love or Hate… your decision..

Love as we know has many forms. Some would argue that it is the highest form of expression. I agree! I have learned that you decide to grow it or suppress it solely through your person decision to keep it or share it.

If you are honest with yourself, those times that bring a smile to your face was a result of you sharing the goodness of yourself and receiving it back.

So, return that smile from a stranger, call or connect with that lost loved one; trust me you will feel a fullness in that moment that is priceless!

Who knows, maybe the sudden cool breeze after a taxing exercise or warm sun on your face in a winter wonder day; or even the wave hello from your previously disgruntled neighbor somehow is this life’s way returning what you gave moments, days, weeks ago!?

Happy Holidays! Happy United States Independence Day and Wishing You always the Best!! —

Who is the Creator?


“As you think so shall you be”
You create your world! No other concept possesses the power that this idea does. Think about it? The power to change your world rests within you.. within your mind!
Why this topic? For those of us that presently work in a stress filled environment, there is a need to understand that we contribute greatly as we create the environment of our day through our interactions of others specifically in what we say and do. Lest we forget, these same people we must trust with our safety and security in a moments notice…. its simply about understanding proper creating.  A leader is responsible to create the atmosphere for success! We each do this through consciously participating in this ‘work climate’ day in and day out.
Thought-creation is a fact of reality, all realities. This physical reality however, would often have you believe otherwise. When you believe that your fate is in the hands of people and things that are beyond your control, you lose that fundamental power given to you: the power to create.
You make it that much easier for others to manipulate and change your world into what they want, instead of changing your world into what you want. Remember! You have a right to create your own world.
That right to create your own world is a gift to you from your maker.. divine powers, we might add, who also cherish that right to create. They would not think of relinquishing their power of self-creation and neither should you. Just look at the influence of your closest friends; it’s through their counsel you are where you are today. If you are truthful, you might exercise the unfriend button, mentally I mean..
Except, every time you feel that a particular situation is out of your hands, then that is what you are doing: relinquishing your power of creation and your ability to change the situation. Take for example, the feeling you get hearing a co-worker’s gossip about someone’s else perceived mistakes, a misgiving comment of another person’s dress or appearance, etc. Do you buy into it or dismiss it.
I mean, do you help to create that world or continue on track building what is important to you by getting back creating yours? You see, we all contribute to the creating..
To reclaim back your creative power involves taking two steps, changing your belief, and learning how to control the consciousness you possess. Doing both will take time. However, the sooner you begin, the sooner you will reap the benefits of deliberate reality-creation. TIP: If you have misery or success in your life, where do you think that came from??
To begin, you must shift from the belief that you live in a world you can’t control, to a belief that you live in a world you can control. Along with this new belief, you must come to understand that the high-tech reality controlling device that you seek is your own consciousness. Your consciousness is the tool given to you by the divine that will enable you to change and shape your reality.
Learning how to control that consciousness is the next step in the process. Good reality-control comes from within, not without. An uncontrolled consciousness can be like a wild, untamed animal. This untamed animal gets driven by many sources to do the things it does, like emotions, needs, and desires. All these factors play a part in controlling and directing your consciousness toward deliberate reality creation.
Wait a minute, I like the beast within! Question: Lately how has that thinking and followed on actions served you in achieving your goals??
In an uncontrolled state, your consciousness roams freely, like a wild beast. When a particular factor overwhelms the beast, that factor becomes the new director of the beast’s world. This haphazard direction of consciousness is what you want to avoid. Your consciousness’s driving forces must all be tamed and shown how they can work together to obtain what each needs and wants… Might just be why with intense effort, poor results prevail.
Blah Blah Blah! Right!
Bottomline, stop the self defeating and destructive behavior displayed from those on the move in creating their life of misery; just do not participate. Learn to be better at creating what is important to you and share your successes in this life to those that uplift and are like minded. Stay away from those who behave like crabs in a deep bucket, always ready to pinch, claw, berate those nearby to satisfy their position in the life they have created.
BTW, the view from here is awesome!

Life is full of them..

You shouldn’t wait for other people to make special things happen. You have to create your own memories. Heidi Klum

Tapestry of life awaits the paint brush of our memories.. fullness measured on our life’s remarkable journey; always adding colorful stories and challenges along the way. RAW Thoughts..

Take a moment and rejoice in this truth, this is what your life is made of… where even the best thief cannot steal away. All it takes is a quiet moment to recall and there you are again, magic and most powerful.

Memories, such a gift of this experience of life; many take for granted. I mean, all it takes is a familiar song, a familiar face in the crowd, a place once visited; and there you mind goes. But, yes, we also have the painful memories that yank us back to the time we still have not learned how to forget. Funny how memories have so mush staying power.

What come to mind is the years dealing with the criminally insane and immorally behavior challenged people observing how challenged each were fighting the demons of their memorable past. Too much of their life’s attention, sometimes years of every waking moment given to an ugly sometimes heinous event in their past, reliving it over and over with no rest. Truly the issue not yet properly addressed, dilution of what they have been thinking to what should be; things that truly matter, things that each should be thankful to have in their life. SAD!

For the majority of us, I have observed, use social media to share their content or mostly discontent of their life’s going ons. WOW, and they wonder why they seem to not find happiness?

Fact is, everyone, well most everyone, has a small few they rely on for advice or counsel on a regular basis. If you are honest with yourself, most of your success and failures rest in those few.

So, if you agree that your happiness or regret presently needs fine tuning, I suggest you start with who you’ve been sharing your precious time with. Friend come and go; memories will not, they are forever a part of you!

So, I challenge you to make more happy than sad memories! SEE You on the Beaches!!

Fog of Distractions..

Are you getting sick in tired of being sick and tired??

“A smooth Sea never makes a skillful Sailor” Raw Thoughts..

These days of digital supported imaginative wizardry, it’s a wonder a sane person can pursue his or her desires without so many distractions. I mean, just click on an email or text link or catch a You Tube video and there you go down a new rabbit hole of endless inspirational possibilities!

Some say that the catalyst of this constant state of ‘not really knowing what to put your heart into’ stems from the fact that those affected have limited resources. For instance, can you imagine not having the restriction of money?! Think of all of the recent new found inspirations that would be realized if you only had and endless supply of money.

The truth of this ‘paralysis of analysis’ is deeply rooted on the lack of money. Many that worry may even have an excellent Job with excellent pay; but, just knowing that there is a chance to lose this job will stop even a highly successful employee dead in its tracks.

What to do?! Here are just a few pointers:

1. Get a second job. Even a part time job will allow you to have options to pursue another adventure… work overtime if allowed.
2. Get a working partner to go halves on the bills. Now you do not have to have anything beyond a plutonic relationship to work this one; but sometimes it just happens to be icing on the cake if you are lucky to find Love..
3. Start a side business. Nurture what already takes up your free time and find a way to make money doing it. That is a novel concept many just need to take a leap of faith in pursuing .. Google what you do now and add ‘making money doing _______ it will blow your mind!
4. Invest in the stock market. Whether you know it not, since the inception of the stock market, millionaires and now new found billionaires have been made in the stock market. I mean, just look at the new penny stocks of weed and new energy stocks to name a few. Sure does not take a ton of money to risk.. maybe some huge gonads though..

5. Transition into being unplugged! What is that you might ask?

It is my hope, sooner than later, a majority of us will be awaken from the fog of self limitations that was sold to our parents.. your know, what is causing most of your struggles today; that thankless JOB. Secure retirement promises and pay to sustain your Dreams are near extinct. Unless you have a means for instance, to gather and database information for profit, you will continue to be unhappy. Look at the wealth of just two of the biggest in the name of databases info; Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Bill Gates of Microsoft, the list of the current mega billionaires all are involved with database management and some form of profit engine. Now, mind you, money is not everything… or is it just a start?

Remember the movie the Matrix? How many potential lives of each human being were stolen and harnessed to feed the the goals and objectives of the few. Well pardon me, but this is pretty close to what each of us are now experiencing by allowing to be ‘PLUGGED IN”!!?

Test this out by turning off your smartphone for a week, no social media and no political or talkshow / news access. Yes, some pushback will ensue; but doing this small act will prove my point. Welcome to the matrix. It is not the act of being plugged in; its the lost of your awareness that you are.. that is the the culprit. I mean really, are you driving your daily decisions or is it the constant bombardment of the seemingly limitless information we are exposed to in control?

What are the happy escapees doing? Do you know that digital currency like Bitcoin, is now being used by those that do not have a bank account elsewhere with no government regulation! How about those that are off the energy grid and is some cases being paid to supply energy, have no energy bills. These that unplug and understand the new ‘Sharing’ economy have their children graduate High Schools even traveling most of the year. Or, have income that pay them 24 / 7 and from multiple sources. These are those that have unplugged… Stay tuned, more details to follow!

“Crabs in your Bucket”

The story of how amazingly silly human behavior mimics animal mannerisms is not silly after all. A story shared with me many times growing up in the Philippines shows a simple fact, do you know how easy it is to keep a ‘crab’ in a shallow bucket? Just place another crab in there with it and watch how the first will snag the second and where both will not make it out.

Sadly it’s like that special friend who is the first to tell you, (or anyone else) how silly it is to work toward getting out of your comfort zone like to pursue a new promotion / finding love with an above league girl or guy / achieving a lofty fitness or health goal, etc. We all know who that person is..

Do not let the words of another stifle your growing imagination to better yourself! Move pass the limiting conjecture of those who continually whine about their life and be the best you! The picture in your mind is but a fragile glimpse of the great possibilities of a better life, so fragile yet so powerful. To the crab, it’s food! Be aware of those that try through words and actions to keep you just where they are, whining, hoping and even praying; but not willing to move past their comfort zone. The gift of a better life is one of action in the face of what seemingly is fear. GET OFF YOUR ASS and out of the bucket!!

For the smart healthy YOU!   Here is the new wearable technology !!

Your HAPPY Trigger :)

Seeking Happiness… Is it something you watch, wish for or do? Or is it even attainable?

Ever wonder how you sometimes find yourself doing the watching and wishing instead of actually on the road to happiness. I admit it, I did…

“Everybody in the world is seeking happiness – and there is one sure way to find it. That is by controlling your thoughts. Happiness doesn’t depend on outward conditions. It depends on inner conditions.”
— Dale Carnegie

Hey here is a personal test and a gift I will share to you on how to have more control in this elusive area of what a friend described as ‘mental gymnastics of the soul’

Grab a pen / keyboard or paper and give yourself ten seconds to write what comes in your mind on two topics. Ready? In ten seconds write or type out Five things that are Troubling You Right now… GO!!

OK, did you get all five? Great! Stay with me, the gift is in the understanding and the follow on results… Ready for the second topic? Good!

In Ten seconds, no MORE! Right / type out five things that you ARE MOST Thankful for! GO!

Times up!! I venture to say that not all of you finished all five. Don’t feel bad, I did not either. There is a message here if it took you more time to do the latter…

The biggest reason is that we, as of late, have been giving our attention (attention = life) to the things that lead us away from our unique happiness; those things that we have alway felt that we are thankful to have in our life… those things that many of us have taken for granted..

Ok here is your gift, ‘the happy trigger’

Here is how it works. I just gave you what you have always had, ammo for Despair (lack of a better word) and ammo for Happiness. Now every time you meet someone and they smile, re-snap a picture of any of the five things that you are most thankful to have in your life.  And if they do not smile, of course you know then what to do. Here’ the magic that I am sure you will automatically figure out; that is how to make that person smile back , YES, you smile first! SEE Yes, you always had it!!

RE-READ what Dale Carnegie said above please..

Fun and rewarding a the same time. My gig is up! Now you know why you see me smiling all the time! 🙂

PS.  Ever wonder why some people are happier than most?  Maybe because they have something on the side that they really are excited about.. check this out! Healthy and Wise!


Software upgrade?


We each have a precise allotment of heartbeats..

Sad that we don’t realize each of us have the ‘Goods’… until the 11th hour. The constant interruptions of the many messages program the mind, so it is said, some seem permanent. Momentary glimpse of what could be.. darts in and out teasingly honest of the what could have beens. Funny each of us knows this truth the moment facts are presented. The contagious disease of growth has always been ‘inaction’. Some say paralysis of analysis..

Did you know each is born with a sensory filter, (lest we explode with overload), this one is called, the ‘what truly matters’, WTM , filter. Programmed to shape the quantity and quality of what is allowed to interact with our senses. Some do not work properly, ergo degrees of genius and stupidity.

Best news is that most anyone can re-program the WTM filter with proper understanding through the proper exposure of new information / experiences, and it’s payoff is the gifts of change.

“Funny how a song, a new face or even a scent can recapture a lost memory… a lost should have would have if only’s..“ If you are true to yourself, just excuses..

Many of us do not question why even our computers, smartphones or any automation device requires updating. But we will argue with every fiber of our being when our beliefs are challenged. Question is, how does the fruit taste from your deep rooted beliefs. Or, if true happiness is what you are after, then why are you not happy? Could it be a degree of your unwillingness to change?

If you have adopted a ‘this is it’ philosophy, I suggest being honest with yourself. You know that the dying begins in the mind way before the dying of the body…

There has never been a time in human history where the wealth of information can be carried around and available to anyone no matter what station of life he or she might hale from!!

It been said from the many great thinkers that for your world to change you must first change yourself.

Time to update / reprogram!

PS. Speaking of upgrades, take a look at this new tech: